Spring: A time of Growth and Shedding


We are so excited that our dream of Shipping Container Skate Parks has finally come into fruition! After two years of site permit negotiations, fundraising, ramp building, youth recruitment, presentations and reporting, we can finally say that it’s all been worth it!

Over the last month Project Lifelong has launch two brand-new sites and programs located in South Sacramento at Fruitridge Community Collaborative and at Arden Middle School in Arden Arcade. Our program has already seen more than 50 participant sign ups as they both continue to engage middle school students while providing opportunities for our high schoolers to volunteer and gain work experience.

We have witnessed an amazing group of kids really step outside their comfort zones by trying new things, not just on their skateboards, but in their social world as well.

Each skate night we partner with Wholistic Approach to provide our students with intentional time to focus on life-skills and goal-setting for their futures. These youth are showing us how important it is to have a safe and supportive place to skate and truly be themselves.

As always, we love to thank all those who have made our skate night sites possible; Project Lifelong's Legion of monthly donors, Sacramento County Coalition for youth, Point West Rotary Club, Arden Middle School PTA and of course, The Sheriff's Community Impact Program.

By Land, Concrete, Sea and Now... SNOW!!!!

Without a doubt, the heartbeat of Project Lifelong lies with in our passionate and dedicated high school mentors. These male and female leaders have volunteered over hundreds of hours as a group to empower youth through skateboarding. As a way of honoring their commitment, Project Lifelong provides multiple trips throughout the school year for team building and outdoor adventures.

This past winter and spring, Project Lifelong took our mentors on three different trips to the snow. Our snowshoeing trip was highlighted with a trek along the Pacific Crest Trail and ended at the top of Echo Summit above South Lake Tahoe. This amazing journey was made possible by Sacramento Inspiring Connections Outdoors - a local program of the Sierra Club.

Our trips to the Sierras concluded with two incredible evenings of snowboarding at Woodward Tahoe at Boreal Ski Resort. Many of students had never snowboarded before and some had never seen snow. To quote one of the participants he had “found his new passion” after just one night of riding. We are incredibly thankful for Woodward Tahoe's commitment to our inner city youth, without them, our two snowboarding trips would not have been possible!