Spring: A time of Growth and Shedding


We are so excited that our dream of Shipping Container Skate Parks has finally come into fruition! After two years of site permit negotiations, fundraising, ramp building, youth recruitment, presentations and reporting, we can finally say that it’s all been worth it!

Over the last month Project Lifelong has launch two brand-new sites and programs located in South Sacramento at Fruitridge Community Collaborative and at Arden Middle School in Arden Arcade. Our program has already seen more than 50 participant sign ups as they both continue to engage middle school students while providing opportunities for our high schoolers to volunteer and gain work experience.

We have witnessed an amazing group of kids really step outside their comfort zones by trying new things, not just on their skateboards, but in their social world as well.

Each skate night we partner with Wholistic Approach to provide our students with intentional time to focus on life-skills and goal-setting for their futures. These youth are showing us how important it is to have a safe and supportive place to skate and truly be themselves.

As always, we love to thank all those who have made our skate night sites possible; Project Lifelong's Legion of monthly donors, Sacramento County Coalition for youth, Point West Rotary Club, Arden Middle School PTA and of course, The Sheriff's Community Impact Program.

By Land, Concrete, Sea and Now... SNOW!!!!

Without a doubt, the heartbeat of Project Lifelong lies with in our passionate and dedicated high school mentors. These male and female leaders have volunteered over hundreds of hours as a group to empower youth through skateboarding. As a way of honoring their commitment, Project Lifelong provides multiple trips throughout the school year for team building and outdoor adventures.

This past winter and spring, Project Lifelong took our mentors on three different trips to the snow. Our snowshoeing trip was highlighted with a trek along the Pacific Crest Trail and ended at the top of Echo Summit above South Lake Tahoe. This amazing journey was made possible by Sacramento Inspiring Connections Outdoors - a local program of the Sierra Club.

Our trips to the Sierras concluded with two incredible evenings of snowboarding at Woodward Tahoe at Boreal Ski Resort. Many of students had never snowboarded before and some had never seen snow. To quote one of the participants he had “found his new passion” after just one night of riding. We are incredibly thankful for Woodward Tahoe's commitment to our inner city youth, without them, our two snowboarding trips would not have been possible!

Fall After School Skateboarding Sessions!

Over the last twelve weeks, Project Lifelong has been able to empower more than fifty male and female students through skateboarding; many of which had never stepped foot on a skateboard before. Feelings of confidence, joy, adrenaline and self-expression are a daily norm as skateboarding continues to provide a positive outlet for youth. 

Our high school mentors are truly the driving force of this program. These skate mentors have been responsible for redesigning a 15-passenger van, building ramps, and working one-on-one to teach skateboarding to young children. Collectively, these future leaders volunteered more than 300 hours this fall and continue to find passion through giving back. We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Swanston Community Center for making this powerful program possible!

Swanson 11-18 -32.jpg

Let there be growth!

We are thrilled for the coming expansion of Project Lifelong this school year. On literally the last day of our summer program, we were awarded $20,000  from Mission Oaks Recreation Park District and Swanston Community Center to help build our new after-school program.

The Next Chapter is here!!! (1).png

We have many goals for our expansion this school year! Project Lifelong will bring skateboarding and empowerment to more children than ever before, including a major increase of female participation.  With our Mobile Skatepark Project (Ramps in a Cargo van), we aim to provide programing on at least three grade school campuses while using Swanston Community Center as our home base.

The new expansion will allow us space to provide real work experience as we create roughly 10 high school internship positions and more Jr skate mentor positions. Many of our current teens have been working hard to build the future of this program. They have taken on the role of designing ramps for beginners to fit in the cargo van and plan on building them soon.

This spring, we aim to partner with at least 1 new site to launch our first ever Friday Night Skate Sessions! Our Friday night session operate by placing shipping containers on sites and filling them up with skate equipment. We are particularly excited for this new model as we have long waited to create more hubs for local skateboarders to be themselves. 


Our dream for Friday Night Skate Sessions is to partner with art and music departments to create a hub for all things alternative and non-traditional!  Projected sites for the Friday Night Program include a Jr High in the Arden Arcade area and a community center in South Sacramento ran by The Youth and Family Collective. The time to support alternative youth sports and culture is now!

As we continue to celebrate the opportunities for the future of Project Lifelong, it important to recognize and send gratitude to the folks that have gotten our program this far. The Sheriff's Community Impact program continues to be our greatest contributor and partner while allowing us space to build Project Lifelong the way skateboarders see fit. 

Our Legion of more than 80 monthly donors are truly the heartbeat of Project Lifelong as they continue to make our effort sustainable, while building into the future. Hyper Pixel Marketing Services has helped us reach farther than could be imagined. And finally, everyone that has volunteered and contributed energy in our vision for youth, we thank you deeply. Be sure to check out PL's Partners page to see all the companies that continue to make this possible!

Skate on friends! 

Contributions to our vision can be made at www.projectlifelong.org/donate

It takes a village and we have one!

In the beginning of March, Project Lifelong launched an effort to build a Legion of monthly contributors. The hope is to generate a sustainable funding source for the future growth of our project with a major focus on the creation of after-school skate programs.

We are one month into our campaign and passed $1,000 in recurring donations, that's over $12,000 a year so far! The kids are thrilled as they know they have a community who supports their passion. 

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A look back at Project Lifelong's Fall Semester!

This Fall Semester, the Project Lifelong team was able to embark on four different out-of-town trips together (Videos Below.) Our youth riders continue to meet up every Thursday a local skateparks in Sacramento. The team has big plans for this coming spring including the emergence of an after school program, planning their summer excursions, the launch of a monthly donation campaign deemed "The Lifelong Legion,"  and plans to travel to new skate parks throughout Northern California. Huge thanks to The Sheriff's Community Impact Program for making our adventures possible!

The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade Community Grant Award

Project Lifelong has launched a focused effort to bring our program to children during the school year. We aim to create a Mobile Skatepark that can serve as a rotating after school program to multiple campuses. The Rotary Club of Arden Arcade has shown great enthusiasm and support towards our efforts. They are behind our program. They believe in our young leaders. They support skateboarding. 

Award presented on November 7th, 2017 at Piatti - Sacramento, Ca. 

Award presented on November 7th, 2017 at Piatti - Sacramento, Ca.